Niche Me

At this early stage of my creative career as an illustrator, my work is heavily motivated by my sexuality. I feel that work flows more freely when there is a  great passion not only for the work being produced, but in allowing my work to express who I am as an artist, a person, and member of the LGBT community. I divulge myself in a limitless vibrant culture, embodying a cartoony world inspired by my love of comic books, fantasy, and everything fun.

But where am I going with my work?

I like to create work with the idea of creating series with a connecting factor such as the Pride series above, which can then be mass produced and sold as individual prints, sticker packs, graphic tees, etc etc. Basically a multitude of general goods to allow my audience/customers to express their interests and selves through decorating and personalizing aspects in their life with my art in a way I personally have not been able to do until finding myself through illustrations. I also like the idea of my work being reblogged and shared online, again allowing people to express and personalize their social media accounts through my work.

Another direction I want to take my work in is definitely into the comic world. I want to be able to transcribe my style I have generated into a comic story format, allowing me to express the vibrant, artificial, bubblegum world I have created. I also want to be able to establish myself a gay comic artist, creating gay characters who do face the hardships of growing up as part of the LGBT community.

Because of my background, the topics I draw on for inspiration, as well as the content of my work and the future intentions I have for my work, I assume that my niche market and target audience will be members of the LGBTQ+ community. I do want to create work for them as well as it being for myself, however I don’t want to limit myself to a strictly LGBT audience, despite featuring content relatable to them. For instance, I don’t want to only create work that will recquire “XXX GAY EROTICA” in the title. But again that doesn’t mean that I will never touch on that subject. I’ll stick with creating work for myself and hopefully along the way other people will choose to express themselves with my work no matter their own sexuality, race or gender.

So who is my competition? I believe I have already differentiated myself amongst the vast ocean like bathtub full of rubber ducky illustrators. However this does not mean I have no competition, but rather limits my competition to other artists whose work also indulges in a vibrant, cheerful and slightly vulgar manner. Particularly those who feature hallucinogenic colour and uniques styles as those are traits featured in my work that I would consider a selling point.


The reality of my venturing out into the world with nothing but the clothes on my back and a handful of illustration is becoming more and more likely, considering my success so far with the ADAA 2016. This instantly gives me the worry of copyright and the possibility of my images being stolen. Cue copyright,

  1. 1.
    the exclusive and assignable legal right, given to the originator for a fixed number of years, to print, publish, perform, film, or record literary, artistic, or musical material.
    “he issued a writ for breach of copyright”

Basically work copyrighted by me gives me sole ownership of work created. but like, how?

According to there is no copyright application or registration needed in New Zealand, to be granted sole copyright protection. It automatically comes into effect when original artwork has been created, published or performed according to the Copyright Act 1994.

The easiest way to ensure you have copyright ownership would be to include the good ol copyright indicator ‘©’ on the online work when created/posted. BUT FOR HOW LONG, shrieks someone in the distant. Well according to my resources, when you die + 50 years from the end of that calendar year and the work is no longer under your copyright protection.

Resource –



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