The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly – Day Two


The Good

Maria Scileppi

“Have you ever looked at your life from an aliens perspective?”

I thoroughly enjoyed this talk and took a great deal of notes. In particular I loved how she talked about change. Change = Growth. Conquer fear by embracing change.

She questioned why are we scared of change? Change leads to more work. Relating this to every day being a choice. Everyday is a choice, and not making a choice is a choice. We have the choice to leave, or the choice to stay. Ultimately meaning we can change the now. If we arent happy. Nothing is permanent and nothing is failing. She explained how she has never failed. Not meaning she a prime human being but that you can’t really fail, because failure is information (growth, change). Tomorrow will be better than today. Change is important.

Playing it safe didn’t yield any results. Only when we are willing to take that leap of faith, beautiful things will unfold. She explained that in order to discover your edges you must go further.

Our biggest obstacle is ourselves, and so much of life is in our heads. We can’t be afraid to move on and change.

Steve Selzer

“Things are developed to be different not better.”

So what makes things better?

Human Centered Design. we need to understand who the people are to be able to design for them. Emerge yourself into their life. Co-creation. Design with them and enable them to design for themselves. We must design with their values in mind to effectively create the final product for them.

We are human. We need to stop and acknowledge any biases we may have. To responsibly design for others, we must first know ourselves.

The Bad (again, not the worst)

Rebecca Carrasco

The main thing I took from Rebecca’s talk was the consumer, and how this term has been created to dehumanize them so we can treat them badly.

Other points I wrote down.

  • We need to earn an audience of empowered individuals.
  • The future of brands comes from good content and good ideas
  • Don’t rely on traditional advertising
  • The stuff were making is going to entertain or die

Duncan Shand

“What do we need to do to create good content?”

No one likes advertising. We need to give customers something that is fun and valuable. We need to make sure content is relative to the brand and ingrained with it.

Other notable statements I recorded were;

  • Have a clear goal for your content.
  • Understand where your customer is
  • Focus on creating value
  • Give customers what they want
  • Have a clear purpose of what you want to do


Richard The + Gunnar Green

To be brutally honest, I have no notes. However I did enjoy their presentation and getting to see examples of the work they created. In particular, I liked how some of their work was creatively interactive. I liked the idea of the wall of stickers and how stickers could be found as far away as the airport and how that shows how connected we are. The other work I remember the most was the dinner table piece, and how it brought people together and encourage sharing (passing around the plates etc).

The Ugly

Shana Inge

Well. Twitter is great. I don’t use it but it’s great apparently.

Wesley Grubbs

Data. Okay this talk was somewhat interesting and I really did like How he said he needs to take his own opinions out of his work and just do the job professionally. To me I feel like that is really important in the creative business, to have that trait of leaving you own opinions at the door.

Andrew Stevens + Bompass Parr

I literally have no notes.






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