Artefact Research

Once the manifesto was written, I was able to focus on what I could do for the artefact. For our greenlight presentations, I came up with a rough idea of something I could possibly do. That being a poster.

Very bad Artefact idea.

This idea came from my research into other manifestos. What I liked from my research was the inclusion of funky illustrations, self-portraits, and motivational poster formats. Hence why I threw this example together out of random illustrations of mine saved on my desktop at the time. However, this idea was very bad as it didn’t portray my brand. It was just an idea for a poster…

This lead me to research the interesting way I could do an artefact. That’s when I discovered Joseph Veazey. The first piece of work that I saw of his grabbed my intention instantly! That being his brochure distributed at the Adult Swim Comic-Con booth of a 3-ft long cat.

The instant appeal of this brochure was its unique cooky-ness. It’s fun and different, basically, it’s something you would want to check out! This is what I want my own artefact to achieve. I also found the way he photographed many of the brochures together interesting and inspiring!

Another brochure of his I discovered that hooked my attention was something he designed to function as a way to dispense 3D glasses to fans at another The Adult Swim Comic-Con booth.

The interactiveness of this brochure is what interested me the most. Even though the glasses have a purpose for the comic con booth, you still get to walk away with a small gift that comes with a funky brochure! Something that definitely wouldn’t end up in the bin!

Anoooooother piece by Joseph Veazey that I found interesting as well as inspiring for this project was a holiday greetings card of his.

It’s the pulling of the tongue and the rolling back of the eyes that caught my eye for this one. I think this card fits perfectly well with Veazey’s style of creating simple brochures or cards and creating something you wouldn’t dare chuck!

Veazey’s work definitely hit the last nail in the coffin for the poster idea. His work is fun and creative and that goes with the nature of his illustrations which made me realise my artefact should go with my own illustrations to fully represent my brand. This unique way to display brochures is something that would definitely suit my theme of creating just plain weird stuff! Also, the inclusion of making a somewhat interactive piece provides a bit more longevity to the product. The receiver is going to want to keep this item, so that’s what I intend to do with my own artefact. Well, when I create it!


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