Artefact Creative Process ~ One More Thing!

I always feel like my work is my own self-expression, but I do feel like others could use my work to express themselves too! That’s why in the past I experimented with putting my illustrations onto clothing. However, I do wish to take my work in that direction of allowing others to relate to my work, identify with it, and be able to use it to express who they are!

I felt that this artefact would be a good way to contribute to that by including something that would allow the recipient to do so. I got this idea by creating a sticker with my illustration on snapchat one night, almost using it as a filter!

However, with the deadline approaching, I, unfortunately, didn’t quite have time to approach snapchat and ask if they could make my work a filter. Sticking with this idea of the recipient being able to interact with my work on a higher level I started brainstorming ideas of what I could include within the artefact. Again if there was more time I would love to be able to include in iron on patch or badges of my work that people would be able to proudly wear, but this is still a direction I could take my work in the future!

This left me to settle with the next best thing that was not time-consuming and were easily sourceable. STICKERS! 



By including the stickers in my artefact I feel I’ve added that next step to making my work not only more interactive but I’ve allowed people to be able to use my work to express themselves and personalize their things such as their own laptop! In future I want this thinking to at the forefront of my project so I can take it further and go beyond stickers as this, to me, is an important part of my work.


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