Artefact Creative Process ~ The Illustrations

With the poster idea currently sitting at the bottom of the trash can, I began thinking of new ideas. What I got from my research of Joseph Veazey was that I want to do a brochure. When I think of brochures I tend to get travel agency vibes. However, Joseph Veazey’s work showed me that brochures can be a fun and interactive way to engage with the intended audience while showcasing your brand! This made me want to create a fun brochure that showcased my illustrations, my style, and my brand while having my manifesto incorporated inside.

Looking back over my research into manifestos, I decided to see what I really enjoyed about those examples and how I could incorporate any of those characteristics into this new idea. Molly Crabapple’s Salvador Dali manifesto was the main manifesto that was visually appealing to me and could be incorporated into my brochure idea. What I liked about it was the peculiar illustrations surrounding it, the creative type, and a little portrait of Dali at the bottom. I also still really liked the scribble text from the Focus poster. Now, how to put these into a fun and interesting brochure?!


I came up with the idea of doing a self-portrait in my style, so pink skin, four eyes etc, as that was something that I really liked in the Salvador Dali manifesto. So I started by drawing over a recent selfie of myself.

I quickly became frustrated with this as I was seeing myself but not my work. I wasn’t able to picture how this would turn out or if it would successfully represent me and my brand.

This left me with two decisions. 1. continue with the frustration and hope for the best or 2. draw something new.

But what right? What is something I would consider at the core of my practice besides myself? Well in this exact moment of feeling lost and hopeless God herself fabricated an image on my phone (instagram) of a drag queen who was giving me serious Coco Bandicoot vibes with her yellow hair. Instantly I wanted to illustrate it. Boom! the idea was done. Illustrate a drag queen! So I did. I was much happier with this as I could picture having the brochure in the shape of this Queens head/hair. Give her a couple extra eyes, change the colour of her skin, however, I must keep the yellow hair. The next issue was what would the remaining 5 pages have? I decided to follow an interactive anatomy book kinda style and include the same image but remove the skin and have the muscle structure and then even the skull! My friend Maddie suggested to have the opening page the muscles and then the one under that the skull so it would really be like you were peeling away each layer of the illustration. From here I was able to draw out each stage.

In the first sketch above, she only has two eyes which I will duplicate on illustrator to give her another set. I then decided to only do a portion of the face rather than the entirety as I only had limited time to complete this. Once happy with the drawings I was able to get into Illustrator and finalise the illustrations.

By including this little element, it would add a level of interactiveness to the brochure, as stated before, it would be like you were peeling away the layer of skin and muscle. This would make the viewer want to look through the brochure rather than tossing it to the side. I also think my colour palette adds a level of interest as it stands out, and won’t blend into its surroundings.

Seeing the illustration completed in this format prompted me to make a gif showing each stage.



Now on to the Brochure!





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  1. frekanarts says:

    awesome Caleb. I realy liked the process you went through to get your artefact


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