Pattern Universe

01 Kwan Yin Pattern
The Print Pattern shows my two redesigned body parts. The white-mirrored pattern unit is named the “Hermes Sandal Muscle”. It is located above the ankle and it enables movement of the wings assisting in flying. The second pattern unit is named the “Pineal Nucifera” and is located in the Pineal gland inside your brain. The body part “blooms” similar to a flower when the individual reaches a spiritual state, acting as a third eye it allows access to other dimensions. The Pattern consists of three purple Pineal nucifera’s and three pinks all located around the long sheet of green paper slightly off the page. There is also three white Hermes Sandals also half on the page meaning you miss out on half of this image.
For my adobe illustrator pattern I created the base unit from a four-eyed cat. I originally chose a three eyed cat because I had previously done a sketch of one earlier on and really like but I couldn’t perfect the third eye because of where it was centered so I decided why not just do four. I managed to create this pattern by rotating my base unit multiple times and enlarging and decreasing the size of the cat as well as the amount of times I rotated it. I then played around with the smaller circle and placing in into the corner of the repeating image to create a seamless pattern and avoid making it too linear or having distinct columns.
For my 3Dworkshop I started doing a few observational drawings of plants, looking at patterns found within their forms. I then moved onto looking at sculptures done by Bernini taking inspiration from how the positioning of the figures bodies created a flow of energy as well as reaching out which I thought would look good repeated. I then played around with collage, arranging different positions of Korra to get the best layout. I think my sculpture is more ornamental rather than functional as I reckon it looks better with the pieces pushed closer together with a small disc as you get to see new shapes created by the negative space.

I enjoyed using all the different technologies in this module but I can see myself feeling more at home behind a computer screen. My best moment was getting to assemble the Korra 3D sculpture after having to wait over 40 minutes for it to be cut out. Overall I’m pretty proud of what I achieved and learnt throughout the different workshops and I’m happy with all my outcomes.


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