Self Portrait

Geo1 montageHoaroscope

Sadness               Happiness                 Anger


I came up with the idea of relating each of my pieces for the final assessment to a different emotion to show maybe a different side of me in a way. I got this idea from the last drawing exercise we had where we had to draw the top and bottom half of our faces (separately, where I happened  to notice how my eyebrows could distinctly show various emotions.

I can be an emotional person (as in have every possible mood in the space of a day…slight exaggeration), like everyone I suppose, but changes in moods do happen very easily with me… seriously ask my family. 😅I guess mood swings could be a trait of mine, which is why I thought it would be cool to explore emotions in through this project as it is a way to make each piece more of a self portrait instead of just relying on using my face.


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  1. I really like these Caleb. The typography in the last one – I can imagine the patience, and the annoyance of the last letter – maybe that’s why you’re angry in that picture?? And I like the first one a lot – inspires me to try something similar.


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